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Nano Ring

A small section of your hair is looped through a nano ring and a nano itip is insert toward the back of the ring then clamped shut securing your hair and the itip extension inside the ring.

Micro Links

Micro link hair extension are secured to the hair strands by strand using a small silicone bead. This installation gives a natural look.

Keratin Hot Fusion

Hot fusion is a strand method to attach the keratin-based tips with the use of a heating tool.

Hidden Weave

Our micro rings are placed between two wefts creating a hidden and discreet application. The wefts lie flat on the scalp giving you a natural feel and look to your hair extensions.

Micro Ring Weft

A small amount of your hair and a similar amount from the hair extension weft hair is pulled through a micro bead and clamped shut to secure the weft in place. This method allows for flexible styling, including up dos and high ponytail.

Braidless Weave

Micro rings are used to create a track to attach the hair extension wefts. After securing the micro rings to your hair, the weft are sewn across.

Three strand braiding method that includes attaching hair extensions to your natural hair. Box Braids can be personalised to your specifications.

Price List

Prices are based on straight hair in natural black tones. Cutting and blending is included.

Strand by Strand Hair Extensions

Half Head (100 strands)Full Head (150 strands)Full Head Volume (200 strands)

Weft Hair Extensions

Half Head (100g)Full Head (150g)Full Head Extra Volume (200g)

If you supply your own hair the service cost is £100 - £130

Refitting every 8 weeks £60 - £80

Removal from £45

Box Braids

Child (Ages 8-15)£50£75£90

Booking Information

Please read our booking information.

  • You can book an appointment by using the contact form on the website or messaging me directly on WhatsApp (07436 605 497). I respond to all messages twice daily around 10am and 5:30pm.
  • First time clients will need a consultation. This usually takes 10-15 mins.
  • Appointments are carried out at my home-based salon. A COVID-sanitising station is available and disposable masks can be provided for £1 if you don't have one.
  • Please use your correct name, address and telephone number when booking your appointment.
  • If you are booking on behalf of someone, e.g. your child, friend, family or someone you care for, please indicate this in the comment box when booking.
  • All appointments must be attended alone unless you have a carer or would like a parent with you.
  • Please give at least 48 hours notice for cancellations.
  • You can pay via cash (please have the correct amount) or bank transfer on the day.
  • My Home Salon is located 5 mins walking from Rivergreen Tram Stop. Parking is available.

If you have any questions about booking, please email me.

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